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        A medical endoscope is a commonly used medical device consisting of a flexible part, a light source, and a set of lenses. However, once the endoscope fails, it will affect the treatment of patients. The endoscope equipment maintenance personnel will first talk about troubleshooting multiple systems of medical endoscope.
        Common faults of artificial pneumoperitoneum system
        (a) The pressure display is incorrect.
        This is mostly due to damage to the gas pressure sensor. If the machine is designed with a group of multiple differential pressure sensors operating at the same time, usually when one of the sensors is aged or contaminated and cannot work, we need to replace all of this group of sensors, otherwise only one of them will be replaced, and the life of other sensors in the same group is also approaching the critical point.
        (b) The flow rate is not accurate.
        Replace the damaged gas flow sensor. Sometimes the flow rate is calculated by pressure difference, and we need to replace it with a new pressure difference sensor.
        (c) Equipment leaks.
        Many cases are caused by aging of the instrument sealing ring. However, there are also reasons for leakage of the mechanical pressure reducing valve and damage to the solenoid valve of the equipment, which are relatively easy to identify and repair.
        Common faults in liquid pressurization systems
        (a) The peristaltic pump is damaged.
        (b) The liquid pressure sensor is damaged. Its principle is basically the same as that of a gas pressure sensor.
        (c) The internal circuit of the device is damaged.
        Common faults of electrocoagulation and electrocautery system
        (a) Damaged equipment accessories, such as foot switches, negative electrode wires, connecting wires, and other commonly used vulnerable accessories.
        (b) "Electric cutting, electrocoagulation, and bipolar faults are all composed of different circuit modules within the equipment. We can repair or replace the corresponding module circuits based on the symptoms of their faults.".
        Common faults of power and ablation systems
        (a) The power system is mainly caused by wear of the cutting head and problems with the high-energy motor in the planing handle. Motor replacement is selective, and not every type of motor has replacement accessories. Therefore, special attention should be paid to protection during disinfection and use.
        (b) The main reason for ablation systems in surgical applications is the loss of the blade. Equipment failures are mostly circuit failures, usually starting from the output part.
        Common faults in the flushing suction system
        (a) Insufficient pressure or suction. The two-way pump in the equipment is aging, or the negative pressure bottle leaks.
        (b) The reason why the device cannot be started up is usually liquid entering the device. It is sufficient to clean up the mistakenly aspirated liquid without burning the relevant components.
        Therefore, it is particularly important to maintain and finely manage the endoscope. For more detailed information, please visit our website http://www.goodboy123.cn Consult and understand!
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