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        The use and daily maintenance of the endoscope are generally completed by the user department and the operator. It is a daily work and should be institutionalized. Its contents should be written into the operating procedures and precautions: the user department should select a technician who knows certain instrument knowledge and has a strong sense of responsibility to serve as a full-time or part-time instrument controller to assist and guide the operator to do this work. What is the content of daily maintenance work? The following endoscope equipment maintenance personnel will explain to you:
        (1) Cleaning of machine rooms and instruments and equipment; Observe and adjust the stability of temperature and humidity in the machine room.
        (2) Check whether the machinery, rotation, air circuit, water circuit, screws, nuts and other parts of the machine are normal.
        (3) Check whether the switches, knobs, indicators, meters and display parameters on the instrument surface are normal.
        (4) Before formal work, use the instrument self-inspection program to check the status of each part of the instrument.
        (5) Pay attention to whether the instrument has abnormal smell and sound during operation, and whether the image quality is normal.
        (6) Check whether the operators operate the instruments in accordance with the regulations and correct them in time.
        Because the medical endoscope is an invasive detection tool, once the equipment breaks down suddenly, it will undoubtedly bring a lot of trouble to the hospital and patients. Therefore, the daily maintenance and maintenance of the medical endoscope equipment must be recognized by the hospital staff, and the operation must be carried out in strict accordance with the standard requirements every day. Follow us http://www.goodboy123.cn , learn more!
        • 公司公司:匠仁醫療設備有限公司
        • 匠仁醫療山東濟南維修部
        • 聯系人:樊經理
        • 電話:13153199508
        • 地址:山東省濟南市槐蔭區美里東路3000號德邁國際信息產業園6號樓101-2室
        • 匠仁醫療湖南長沙維修部
        • 聯系人:李經理
        • 電話:13873135765
        • 地址:湖南省長沙市雨花區勞動東路820號恒大綠洲14棟2409室

        樊經理:13153199508     李經理:13873135765

        公司地址:山東省濟南市槐蔭區美里東路3000號德邁國際信息產業園6號樓101-2室  湖南省長沙市雨花區勞動東路820號恒大綠洲14棟2409室


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