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        清洗步驟: 1、預處理:內鏡使用后即刻使用濕紗布擦拭外表污漬,置于容器中送清洗消毒室,同時檢查鏡子等有無測漏、損壞
        Cleaning steps: 1. Pre treatment: Immediately after using the endoscope, use a damp gauze to wipe off external stains, place it in a container and send it to the cleaning and disinfection room. At the same time, check the mirror for leakage or damage
        2. Water washing: Thoroughly clean all components of the endoscope with flowing water, and thoroughly clean each lumen with a high-pressure water gun
        3. Enzyme washing: After cleaning and drying the endoscope, soak it in an enzyme washing tank.
        4. Cleaning: The detachable part must be disassembled for cleaning and cleaned with an ultrasonic cleaner for 5-10 minutes; Use a soft bristle brush to brush and wash the axis, curvature, and internal cavity of the instrument. When brushing with a brush, be careful not to scratch the mirror surface.
        5. Disinfection and sterilization: Select the correct disinfection method according to the specifications of the endoscope for disinfection; (Negative pressure suction device, ultrasonic suction device, high-pressure water gun, drying equipment, timer, etc.)
        It is recommended to use low-temperature plasma for disinfection of disassembled mirrors
        Disinfection and sterilization should be carried out according to the different parts of the endoscope used in the human body. For example, endoscopes and their accessories that come into contact with the natural channels of the human body should be disinfected and sterilized at a high level before application.
        Repair several common faults
        鉗子管漏水:多數是由于活檢鉗等附件,使用不當造成活檢管道破損,在視野不模糊時,C 級修理
        Water leakage in the forceps tube: Most cases are caused by improper use of biopsy forceps and other accessories, resulting in damage to the biopsy tube. When the visual field is not blurred, C-level repair is required
        導管束斷:使用例數多,彎曲管不良造成, C+ 導光束級修理
        Broken catheter bundle: caused by numerous use cases and poor bending of the tube, C+beam level repair
        鋼絲前端斷:使用粒數多造成, C 級修理
        Broken front end of steel wire: caused by excessive use of particles, C-level repair
        彎曲角度不足:鋼絲使用一定時間后鋼絲變長, D 級修理,拆開后剪短相應方向的鋼絲即可,但需判別彎曲管是否良好
        Insufficient bending angle: After using the steel wire for a certain period of time, the steel wire becomes longer. For D-level repair, simply cut the steel wire in the corresponding direction after dismantling, but it is necessary to determine whether the bent pipe is in good condition
        彎曲橡皮漏水:碰傷造成比較多, D 級修理更換專用橡皮即可
        Leakage of bent rubber: more damage caused by collisions, replacement with specialized rubber for D-level repair is sufficient
        噴嘴堵塞:清洗不干凈, C 級修理更換噴嘴
        Nozzle blockage: cleaning not clean, C-level repair and nozzle replacement
        導像束黑點多或龜裂:纖維鏡使用粒數多, A 級修理
        Multiple black spots or cracks in the guiding image beam: Fiber mirrors with a large number of particles are used for A-level repair
        Specific faults need to be carefully identified through water leakage testing, drying, and mirror inspection before determining how to repair them
        • 公司公司:匠仁醫療設備有限公司
        • 匠仁醫療山東濟南維修部
        • 聯系人:樊經理
        • 電話:13153199508
        • 地址:山東省濟南市槐蔭區美里東路3000號德邁國際信息產業園6號樓101-2室
        • 匠仁醫療湖南長沙維修部
        • 聯系人:李經理
        • 電話:13873135765
        • 地址:湖南省長沙市雨花區勞動東路820號恒大綠洲14棟2409室

        樊經理:13153199508     李經理:13873135765

        公司地址:山東省濟南市槐蔭區美里東路3000號德邁國際信息產業園6號樓101-2室  湖南省長沙市雨花區勞動東路820號恒大綠洲14棟2409室


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